Saturday, February 17, 2024

Moomins and the World's only Moomin Museum

 We Finns love Moomins and so do many other around the world. As our convention takes place in Tampere, you can't miss visiting Moomin Museum. 

The Moomins are characters in series of novels written by Tove Jansson. Moomins are a little family of white fairy-tale characters and they live in their round house in Moominvalley. In Moomin books you also get to know other characters from Moominvalley. In all, there are nine books in this series. 

During our convention, we are organizing guided tours to Moomin Museum. It's an experiential art museum where you can admire Tove Jansson's original illustrations and beautifully crafted tableaux and so much more!

More information about Moomin Museum: Moomin Museum

Picture: Matias Ahonen

If you wish to buy Moomin -products during your visit to Finland, you can find several different products from playing cards to lamps and other home decoration items in many places. Book shops. department stores and even groceries have many different products. There's also a "official" Moomin shop at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, if you decide to make some last minute Moomin-shopping. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Guest speaker: Arttu Tuominen

Picture: Sohvi Sillanpää

 Arttu Tuominen is a Finnish author, who works as environmental inspector at days and writes mysteries and crime fiction at nights. His books has been translated to several languages. His book Hyvitys (Eng. Credit) was awarded with the Palle Rosenkrantz Prize by the Danish Academy of Detective Fiction. He was chosen as most positive resident of Pori, his home town. 

Monday, February 5, 2024

Getting around in Tampere

Although Tampere is quite compact and main sights are in centre, some of you might want to explore Tampere more. So here's some tips and information about public transport etc. Please note this post is only about public transportation in Tampere! Helsinki and other cities use different tickets and apps, also long distance travelling tickets are different. 

Bus and tram Nysse

Busses and trams in Tampere use same ticket system, so you only need to buy one ticket. The ticket price is determined by the payment method and the zones selected. There is also a cheaper ticket for childen (7-16 years) and youths (17-24 years).

Tampere area is divided into three payment zones: A, B and C. If travelling only in Tampere, you are staying in AB zone. 

How to buy a ticket?

With your bank or credit card / Contactless payment 

You can pay your ticket in busses and trams using contactless payment. Please note, cash is not accepted! In all busses and trams there's a ticket device. Just select the payment method, check the zones of your journey and pay for the trip. The devide will not ask for you PIN code. Please note, you can use contactless payment for one person at time. If you want to buy several tickets, you need to use another mean of payment. 

Your ticket is valid for 90 minutes or 24 hours if needed. The total price will first be calculated based on your trips during 90 minutes. After this, if you keep travelling, the 24-hour price cap will be applied. Even if you use contactless payment multiple times within these time limits, you will only pay up to the maximum price cap for the zones you have selected! If you have many cards, use only one to pay your trips in Tampere!

If travelling at night (00:00 to 04:40), the night fare will automatically be added to the final price of a single trip. 

Mobile tickets NysseMobiili

You can upload NysseMobiili application from GooglePlay and AppStore. NysseMobiili is using Visa and Mastercard. 

When using NysseMobiili, please note your travel time starts at the time of purchase. So buy the ticket just moments before your trip! In app select ticket type, zones, your customer group and payment method. Check the ticket information, pay for your ticket and then open the ticket. When boarding buss or tram, show the ticket code to the bottom reader of the ticket device on each of your trips. 

If you need to buy multiple tickets, you need to use NysseMobiili. Each ticket must be purchased individually and tickets will appear under Tickets. 

Confirm your ticket

Remember to confirm your ticket on each of your trips! An inspection fee in Tampere is 80€ and can be charged for passengers traveling without a confirmed ticket. So always confirm your ticket with the ticket device. All busses and trams have it near the entrance. 

Routes and schedules

There is a route planner in Nysse website: Route Planner

If you prefer printable timetables, you can find those here: Timetables

If you check bus routes etc. already in advance, please note spring season in timetables start 4th Marc 2024! So choose the right season when searching for timetables! 

Other ways to get around

By your car

Lets be honest here... Tampere hates private driving. Or that's how it feels when trying to drive from place A to B in Tampere centre! Parking in Tampere centre can be a nightmare, but near our venue there are few parking houses. All these parking houses operate via Finnpark and easiest way to pay for your parking is via mobile app Moovy. When driving into parking house, your license plate is recognized and when you leave, your license plate is read again and your credit card charged. 

 P-Näsinkulma, Näsilinnankatu 13

P-Frenckell, Frenckellinaukio 3

P-Plevna, Polttimonkatu 5

If you don't mind little walking, this one is a big parking house and very easy to drive in:

P-Hämppi, Ratapihankatu 39C and Pellavatehtaankatu 6A. If choosing Hämppi, you might want to leave your car near Koskenporras as that's closest exit to our venue. 

More parking places and information about parking charges: Finnpark

Please note, there's no free parking in Tampere centre. Parking control is efficient and brutal. 

City bikes and electric scooters

City bikes and electric scooters are now in garage waiting for spring. The season for city bikes will start on 15th April 2024! 

More information about city bikes and electric scooters later!

Picture: Jukka Salminen 


Getting around by taxi might be expensive, but sometimes it's quite handy. Here are numbers for reliable taxi companies and they have fixed prices.

Taksi Tampere phone: 0100 4131

Mansen taksi phone: 044 744 6400

There are several taxi stands in Tampere centre, but basically anyone can stop there and offer a ride for a waiting customer. All official taxi drivers must have a price list available which you can check before getting a ride. 

Sunday, January 14, 2024

About our event & schedule

 When writing this, we are negotiating with interesting people who we would love to see in our convention. We already have some guest speakers and other plans to entertain you. 

So here's a rough schedule so you can plan your flights and staying in Tampere.

Thursday 18th April - Early bird mingling and other fun activities. Nothing official, you won't miss anything if you arrive on Friday or later.

Friday 19th April - Bookcrossing Convention 2024. Our official program will start afternoon. We will have some fun ice breakers, the book buffet, getting ready for our guest speakers, visits to museums, other activities.

Saturday 20th April - Convention continues. Guest speakers, visits to museums, other activities. Dinner in selected restaurants.

Sunday 21st April - Ending convention with raffle, packing left over books from buffet and release walk. Closing our venue's doors at 3pm. 

If you have signed up to museum visits, sauna or other activities, those will be organized between our guest speakers, so you won't miss any of those interesting presentations. 

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Tampere, favorite city in Finland, and how to get there

 First things first: when Finns were asked which is their favorite place in Finland, they answer Tampere! And that is, in my opinion, quite right. 

Depending where you are travelling from, you are propably arriving to Finland in Helsinki, Turku or perhaps some Northern border crossing point if you are coming from North. When writing this, the border between Finland and Russia is closed. Here are some tips how to get to Tampere and how to get around while you are here. 

picture: Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo

Fly to Tampere

Some smaller companies use Tampere-Pirkkala airport, so do check if that could be an option for you,

Tampere-Pirkkala airport is about 17 km from city centre. The city buss number 103 operates between Tampere-Pirkkala airport and city centre. There is also a taxi rank if you prefer using taxi.

To Tampere by train

If you are arriving to Helsinki or Turku or if you are staying in Finland longer and maybe travelling around, train is propably best choice for you. Train between Helsinki and Tampere takes about 1,5 - 2 h and there are several stops in smaller towns. Train from Turku takes about 1h45min. 

You can also take train from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Tampere. Then you will hop into train in Tikkurila train station.

Please note, you are not able to buy tickets from train! You can use a ticket machine in train stations or buy your tickets online. More information from VR Ltd Finnish Railways .

To Tampere by bus

There are many bus connections to Tampere. It also may be cheaper to use long distance busses than train. All bus companies operate via Tampere bus station. 

Ways to buy a ticket varies between bus companies, so do check from their website if it's possible to buy a ticket directly from bus or do you need to buy your ticket online. 

More information from Matkahuolto

More information from Onnibus

Pro tip: Onnibus and Matkahuolto co-operate some bus routes and they both sell tickets to same busses. So if you are traveling with budget, you might want to check them both when buying a ticket! Same ticket to same bus might be cheaper from other!

Getting around in Tampere

After all Tampere is quite compact and "small" city, so (depending on weather) often it's quicker and nicer to go by foot. Anyhow, there is also a very functional public transport. 

You can check local bus and tram routes, timetables and ticket prices from Nysse.

If you are getting around by car, do remember there is no free parking in Tampere centre! Always check how to pay your parking, or prepare to pay a parking fine. Parking control in Tampere is cruel and gives no mercy. Frenckel parking is closest to our venue but Hämppi is bigger and more convenient and not that far away. More information from Tampere parking areas.

Venue: Näsin sali

Our venue is "Näsin sali", or maybe Näsi Hall in English, in Näsilinnankatu 26. Näsin sali is part of Tampere Evangelical Lutheran Church. Our venue consist of main hall and other smaller rooms where we can enjoy our book buffet, chatting and other activities. 
picture: Tampereen ev. lut. seurakunta


It's close to tram and bus stops in Hämeenkatu, if you are using public transport. After all, Tampere is quite small city so it's also easily accessible from train and bus stations. 

 Näsin sali is in 2nd floor and there is a lift. When writing this post, they are renovating the Hall but everything will be ready before convention!

Edit. 16th January 2024

Address: Näsilinnankatu 26, 33200 Tampere.
Please be aware, there seems to be two places for that address in Tampere, so add also postal code (33200) to address when using Google Maps or other web maps. 

Welcome to Tampere!

 We are happy to announce Bookcrossing Convention Tampere 2024!

Finally! Covid-19 destroyed our plans for 2021, but now we can travel again and are more than excited to invite you to Tampere, Finland. We are looking forward to meeting you, having great conversations, learning something new, visiting new places and maybe most of it all, having great time bookcrossing and reading! 

In this blog we are giving you some basic information about Tampere, how to actually get here, some tips for sightseeing and places to see and experience and of course what we have planned for the convention. We hope you find it useful! 

See you in Tampere!

Photo: Visit Tampere, Laura Vanzo

Moomins and the World's only Moomin Museum

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